Thursday, 4 October 2012


Brachyscome iberidifolia, the Swan River Daisy is an annual herb found in Western Australia. Occupying a wide range, the species spreads out as fields. The Bellis daisy form and colours were familiar to Europeans when discovered and they have since become a popular garden plant. Poor or sandy soils do not inhibit a showy display, the species is hardy and adaptable.

The annual species is erect, many branched, forming fields of plants up to 40 cm in height. The leaves of Brachyscome iberidifolia are fully divided, each having long and narrow segments from the midrib. The ray florets are varied in colour, white through pink and blue to violet. The typical daisy arrangement is seen in the flowerhead, which appear between August and May in endemic examples.

It is found on sands or clay, and tolerant of salinity. It favours watercourses and depressions near granite, but is widespread on sandhills and other harsh coastal environ. North to the Pilbara region, extending into Murchison, Gascoyne, Coolgardie regions, and recorded in the Gibson Desert. Numerous records in the coastal regions of the west and south, it has also been found in the Abrolhos at East Wallabi Island.It is often found amongst the mosaic of wildflowers which appear in the heaths, woodlands, and plains of Western Australia.

This post is part of the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


  1. Te kwiatki są moim ulubionym kolorze i są śliczne. Pozdrawiam.
    These flowers are my favorite color and they are beautiful. Yours.

  2. a field filled with this flower must be an amazing sight. gorgeous flower!

    Yellow Gumamela

  3. Almst a blue-lilac colour! Striking en masse! Delightful photos!

  4. Pleasing to the eyes:) my entry: wisdom calling: willyouhearfromme.

  5. Love the blue colour.
    Great picture.

  6. my friends from Singapore go specially to West Oz to see wild flowers.

  7. it sounds as if you cannot escape this pretty flower!


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