Tuesday 2 October 2012


The Waratah (Telopea speciosissima) is a spectacular garden subject in suitable soil and climate; it flowers prolifically and tends to be long-lived. The Waratah occurs naturally in at least ten national parks in the geological formation, know as the Sydney Basin. Brisbane Water, Dharug and Macquarie Pass National Parks are among the areas where this species is conserved.

Waratahs are cultivated north of Sydney and in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. They are grown in Israel, New Zealand and Hawaii for the cut flower trade. It was introduced to England in 1789 but cannot survive English winters out of doors except in the south-west coastal regions, and it rarely flowers in glasshouses. It is also cultivated in California.

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  1. I have not seen this before. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Happy RT2.

    Mine's here.

  2. My first time to see this flower. Very lovely!


  3. What gorgeous, massive blooms!

  4. Lovely, vibrant, amazing flowers!


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