Thursday, 18 October 2012


Penny Royal Village is located in Launceston and is a tourism and accommodation complex. A visit to Penny Royal World is like stepping back into the 19th century. Its story is of Andrew Gatenby, an early pioneer of van Dieman's land, and his family. They arrived in 1823 and settled on land between Cressy and Ross on the Isis River, then known as Penny Royal Creek. They built their farmhouse and millhouse there.

Over the years the mill fell into disrepair and, rather than be demolished, the complex task of disassembling and relocating it to an old quarry in the centre of Launceston was carried out. The Penny Royal Gunpowder Mills provide the only complete set of working gunpowder mills in the world. Faithfully built, they depict colonial mills of the early 19th century. There are windmills, water mills, gunpowder mills and model boats.

The surrounding area offers quaint accommodation options, walks along the river gorge and plentiful boating opportunities on the river.

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  1. What a fascinating looking place. I hadn't realized there was anything like a gunpowder mill!

  2. What a wonderful place. Love that architecture and I enjoyed reading the history. Such beautiful pictures. genie


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