Wednesday 18 December 2013


The Old England Hotel in suburban Melbourne was established in 1848. Celebrating its 164 birthday this year the Old England is an iconic part of Heidelberg’s rich and vibrant history. The hotel with its warmth and historical significance has been engrained in the traditions and social landscape of Heidelberg since its foundation.

For the last century the old England hotel has attracted Melburnians as a fashionable place to dine, drink and socialise. Some of the most notable patrons of the day included Heidelberg School of Arts founders: Arthur Streeton, Fredrick McCubin, Tom Roberts and Charles Conder who as young struggling artists would frequent the hotel during the years they were painting the Heidelberg area around 1888. During this time they would meet regularly to share their dreams, stories, struggles and achievements.

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  1. An old establishment that has remained classy is a welcome sight!

  2. Great sign, and wonderful looking hotel. It would attract me. Love the green, lush look of the vegetation.


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