Saturday 21 December 2013


Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour is a commercial marina in Fremantle, Western Australia adjacent to the more recently constructed Challenger Harbour. It provides large sheltered mooring areas, wharf space for vessels up to 60 metres, refuelling facilities and support services to the Fremantle fishing industry.

The harbour was built in 1919 when a 300-metre breakwater was constructed to provide an anchorage for fishing vessels. South Jetty was immediately adjacent and included a fish market which was removed in 1929. A southern breakwater was constructed in 1962 and land reclaimed to house fishing companies and service industries.

Between 1969 and 1972, up to 120 fishing boats were housed in the harbour and in 1982, construction of a boat lifting facility commenced. Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour is now surrounded by a well established tourism precinct, and over a dozen restaurants and a brewery are immediately adjacent.

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  1. What a colorful harbor. Those boats are so pretty and the ferris wheel, too. The reflections are beautiful. It is always a treat for the eyes to see the reflections in color. Happy Season. genie

  2. Wonderful stitched photos. Love the panoramic resulting image of the harbor.

  3. The harbour is beautiful. I love the panorama view.

  4. Misperception is quite a strange name for a boat... Well spotted !

  5. Interesting that the 4 boats in the foreground in the first photo are all the same shade of blue. Fascinating views of the harbour.


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