Monday 9 December 2013


Tropaeolum, commonly known as nasturtium (literally "nose-twister" or "nose-tweaker"), is a genus of roughly 80 species of annual and perennial herbaceous flowering plants. It was named by Carl Linnaeus and is the only genus in the family Tropaeolaceae. The nasturtiums received their common name because they produce an oil that is similar to that of watercress (Nasturtium officinale).

The genus Tropaeolum, native to South and Central America, includes several very popular garden plants, the most commonly grown being T. majus, T. peregrinum and T. speciosum. The hardiest species is T. polyphyllum from Chile, the perennial roots of which can survive underground when air temperatures drop as low as −15°C.Plants in this genus have showy, often intensely bright flowers, and rounded, peltate (shield-shaped) leaves with the petiole in the centre. The flowers have five petals (sometimes more), a three-carpelled ovary, and a funnel-shaped nectar tube at the back.

This post is part of the Mandarin Orange Monday meme,
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  1. I love your nasturtiums. They are one of my favorite flowers.

  2. Lovely floral and colorful photos for Mandarin ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  3. Lovely blooms, but I also like the leaves♪ Have a wonder filled week!

  4. the middle one is my favourite. Like what the filter did to the leafes. :)

  5. I love these flowers too... so nostalgic, I think. I also like your "playing" - you really made them glow and I like the way you emphasised the line. Beautiful work!!
    Thanks for sharing on Mom71:)


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