Wednesday 22 February 2012


Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve protects a stretch of coastline on the east coast just north of Auckland city. The shores and waters of the reserve include a diversity of coastal habitats – the sandy beaches of Long Bay and Karepiro Bay; the rocky reefs off the two headlands at either end of Long Bay; and the sandflats and mudflats of the Okura River and estuary.

Excellent public access and car parking facilities are found at adjacent Long Bay Regional Park, one of Auckland’s most popular weekend destinations.Visitors to the marine reserve are welcome and activities like swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, boating, photography and picnicking are encouraged. A walking track from Long Bay Regional Park extends northwards along the coast to the Okura River. A second walkway extends along the coast from Long Bay to Toroa Point.

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  1. It looks lovely. No-one on any of our beaches today - winter keeps trying to make an appearance on alternate days with spring.

    (btw, your link on the Sharp notes does not work)

  2. Beautiful pics. I visited NZ a couple of years ago and loved this beautiful country!

  3. Beautiful photos! Wish I was with you! Joann

  4. May be one day I van travel there. Amazing photos, my friend. Love.

  5. What a beautiful part of the world. I enjoyed visiting your blog.


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