Monday 12 June 2017


We are fortunate in Melbourne as our Winter is quite mild. Hence, many flowers are still blooming in our gardens and in the fields. The mosaic below shows some common flowers that are blossoming right now. Beginning in the upper left and progressing clockwise:
Nemesia; Bacopa; Oxalis; Blue Hibiscus; Japonica; Jonquils; Lobelia. In the background you can see some marigolds.

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  1. Very beautiful and colourful flowers.

  2. Lovely floral mosaic. Happy week to you!

  3. They can't be winter flowers, it's summer here and my blue hibiscus still hasn't flowered, not fair.

  4. The blue hibiscus is my favorite, because of the color and because I have never seen a blue one! Thank you much for displaying the winter flowers for All Seasons! Your winters are mild, so does that mean "no snow?"


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