Monday, 19 June 2017


"For we are like seeds that are sown: We sprout and put down roots, reach up to the sun, and we grow. Our stems may be mown down many times, and yet we keep on growing and we flourish, and become stronger. We thrive on neglect and overcome floods and droughts, greening again and again so that we may be trampled. And when the time comes for us to set seed, we do so joyfully and we ripen it with hope. We then can die content for we have made the world a better place with our passing..." - NJV

This post is part of the Mosaic Monday meme,
and also part of the Through my Lens meme,
and also part of the Seasons meme.


  1. Great colour, textures and contrasts- a story told in both words and pictures, fab post Nick.

  2. Great quote and images. I love the mosaic. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  3. How beautiful. This is my favorite mosaic this week! Hugs, Diane

  4. A great thought - and thank you so much, sharing this with All Seasons,knowing that when we leave, we have done our best to make the world a better place! Have a great seeds week:)

  5. Very cool collage. I love the colors, the textures, the theme!


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