Thursday, 26 January 2017


Echinacea × hybrida Double Scoop™ Orangeberry (Coneflower, USDA Zone: 4-9; Plant number: 1.196.520 =‘Balscoberr’) is a new series of Coneflower bred to produce well-branched, sturdy and compact plants with excellent hardiness. This selection produces large, double flowers with a raspberry centre cushion surrounded by orange flared petals. Ideal for sunny borders and growing in mixed containers. Attractive to butterflies. Excellent for cutting.

Coneflowers begin blooming midsummer and continue for months if faded flowers are regularly removed. However keeping some dried flower heads on the plants in fall will provide food for wintering song birds. Dried seed heads also add interest to the winter garden (USPP#23145: unlicensed propagation prohibited).

This post is part of the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


  1. Gorgeos red! And supply for birds.
    I know echinacea as pharmacy plant.

  2. Echinacea is one of my favorite perennials and the color on these is magnificent!


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