Friday, 13 January 2017


Eureka Tower is a 297.3-metre skyscraper located in the Southbank precinct of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Construction began in August 2002 and the exterior completed on 1 June 2006. The plaza was finished in June 2006 and the building was officially opened on 11 October 2006.

The project was designed by Melbourne architectural firm Fender Katsalidis Architects and was built by Grocon (Grollo Australia). The developer of the tower was Eureka Tower Pty Ltd, a joint venture consisting of Daniel Grollo (Grocon), investor Tab Fried and one of the Tower's architects Nonda Katsalidis.

It was the world's tallest residential tower when measured to its highest floor, until surpassed by Ocean Heights and the HHHR Tower in Dubai. It is the second tallest building in Australia, behind Q1, Queensland, and is the tallest to roof (excluding spire). As of 2016 it is the 15th tallest residential building in the world.

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  1. Hello, pretty blue sky and a neat view of the tower. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. I would love to see the view from the top (although I don't think I would love to live so up in the sky :-). and I love the infos that you give.

  3. This is a great shot, I love the strength of the blues and the greens of the trees framing it all



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