Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Alice Springs is the third largest town in the Northern Territory of Australia. Popularly known as "the Alice" or simply "Alice", Alice Springs is situated roughly in Australia's geographic centre. The area is known as Mparntwe to its original inhabitants, the Arrernte, who have lived in the Central Australian desert in and around what is now Alice Springs for thousands of years.

The name Alice Springs was given by surveyor William Whitfield Mills after Lady Alice Todd (née Alice Gillam Bell), wife of the telegraph pioneer Sir Charles Todd. Alice Springs has a population of 27,972, which makes up 8.7 percent of the territory's population. Alice Springs is nearly equidistant from Adelaide and Darwin. The town straddles the usually dry Todd River on the northern side of the MacDonnell Ranges.

The surrounding region is known as Central Australia, or the Red Centre, an arid environment consisting of several different deserts. In Alice Springs temperatures can vary dramatically, with an average maximum temperature in summer of 35.6 °C and an average minimum temperature in winter of 5.1 °C. Alice Springs has faced many problems in recent years, largely stemming from an increase in crime and a strong racial divide that has existed for years in the town

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  1. Calling by from ABC Wednesday, maybe one day I will get to visit this amazing place.

  2. I've heard of Alice Springs and would love to go there. But Australia is so far away from Canada, and I don't know if I'll ever get to go. My sister, when she was only 19, lived there on her own for a year, working and traveling around. I must ask her if she ever went to Alice Springs.

    abcw team

  3. Great colors! That last scene reminds me of Arizona.

  4. overhere summer too :-P

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)

  5. I always think of the interior of Australia as lightly populated!



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