Sunday, 3 March 2013


A large number of high rise apartment blocks is being built in Melbourne at the moment - as if the existing ones weren't enough (so many of them are for lease, still). Add to that the huge number of units and flats replacing the single houses in the suburbs. We are becoming rapidly a concrete city... More rat cages for the rats of the rat race!

This post is for the Weekend in Black and White meme.


  1. Welcome to the Challenge!
    I'd hate to live in one of these, but they make excellent photo-fodder! I think I like the patterns of the third best. Those decorative rectangles appeal to me.

  2. Hope the buildings have escalators :-) Great BW.

  3. They look great in B&W!

  4. These high rise buildings make great patterns. Love the gap between the buildings in the first shot.

  5. This is so cool! I really like the third one!

  6. Great shots and perfectly named...rat cages.


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