Wednesday 8 August 2012


Wednesday 8th August, 2012: Melbourne area weather - Cloud increasing. Showers developing by late morning. Winds northerly 40 to 55 km/h easing to 30 to 40 km/h this morning then tending northwesterly 20 to 25 km/h in the late afternoon. Probability of precipitation 90%. Current temperature 7˚C, feels like 0˚C...

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  1. It looks miserable. You will have to move to Sydney as it is glorious up here.
    And another question, not that I have actually ask the first one. But is there any where in this world you haven't visited. Your array of photos are amazing.

  2. Heavy Rainfall here in our country too.. :)

    Dropping by from Water World Wednesday…Wooden Rafts

  3. Send it here in Michigan we need it. ^_^ Thanks for joining Water World Wednesday

  4. Sorry about your stinky weather, but maybe you needed the rain....fabulous puddle picture....

  5. It is raining here today too. I am thankful because the corn needs it, the flowers need it and so does the trees.
    Joyce M


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