Monday 27 August 2012


Hydrangeas are wonderful, hardy shrubs that would certainly have to be included on a list of the ten best flowering plants in the world. Some people remember the old style hydrangeas that were too tall and lanky. In recent years plant breeders have developed some excellent new varieties which are more compact and come in a range of sizes, which flower profusely.

Hydrangeas are amazingly versatile in that you can actually alter the flower colours to suit your needs. The flower colour in most forms relates to the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. In acid soil (pH 5 or less) hydrangeas are usually always blue. As the soil pH climbs towards the neutral and alkaline end of the scale (pH 7 or more) hydrangeas turn mauve, pink and red. A blueing tonic (containing aluminium and iron) will turn pink or mauve hydrangeas blue. It should be applied once a month in March and April and again in August, September and October, following the directions on the pack. A cup of lime (calcium carbonate) added to the soil in spring will cause blue or mauve hydrangeas to turn pink. White flowering hydrangeas will remain white regardless of soil pH.

This post is part of the Blue Monday meme.


  1. This flowers is beautiful and I so love the color. My hydrangea is pink do not have this color yet. ^_^


  2. Sweet and lovely flowers..

    Visiting from Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..

  3. I love these plants and have tried to raise them. Never had any luck. Yours are stunning.

  4. What a beautiful colour. Such a vibrant blue.

  5. My father used to have two blue hydrangea plants on either side of a pink one. I remember that he talked of the acidic content of the soil. He was quite proud of them, and I loved them!

    Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  6. very nice, Mine is pink and violet:)

  7. My grandmother had these all over the place. That's probably why they're one of my favorite flowers. My mother managed to kill all of hers. If I EVER get the flower beds cleaned out I plan on replacing them! The blue is my favorite!

  8. A wonderful, fresh crisp image Nick. (I have nominated you to participate - if you wish - in Capture the Colour competition; refer to my today's blog for more details)


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