Monday, 13 August 2012


The Riverside Centre is a skyscraper designed by Harry Seidler and located at 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Completed in 1986, it contains 40 storeys and rises 146 m above ground. The building is owned by General Property Trust.The base of the building fronts the Brisbane River with a CityCat wharf, has many cafes and restaurants, and is the site for the Riverside markets on Sundays.

The Riverwalk, which links the central business district to suburbs both up and down the Brisbane river was built between the water and the public space surrounding the skyscraper.The open plaza and steps at the tower base is a recommended viewing point for the Riverfire celebrations. The building has been heritage listed and holds the Brisbane Stock exchange. Norman Carlberg was the sculptor who collaborated with Seidler on works for the Riverside project.

The colourful mural is very eye-catching but I was unable to find out who the artist was.

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  1. That mural is certainly stunning!

  2. I'm surprised they chose something so colorful for an otherwise monochromatic space. But it definitely pops. I like the layers of shading that gives the painting a kinetic feel. The entire space seems very inviting. Thanks for contributing (twice) to Monday Mural.

  3. Very eclectic but I'm not sure I could stare at that mural for any length of time without feeling inebriated!

  4. Wow - gorgeous in that space. I am in love with the sculpture behind it as well!

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