Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Zijlpoort, one of the city gates in Leiden, The Netherlands. The gate was built in 1667 in the classical style according to a design by the Leiden architect Willem van der Helm and with sculpture by Rombout Verhulst. Because the gates have to connect with the city wall as well as with a bridge, the building is in the form of a parallelogram. Together with the Morspoort, the Zijlpoort is the only one of the original eight gates that survive.

The name refers to the nearby river, the Zijl. The predecessor of the Zijlpoort stood at the end of the Haarlemmerstraat that is now called the Havenplein. In the course of time, the Zijlpoort has, together with the hall above the passage, fulfilled different purposes over time: For example, at the beginning of the 18th century, a shipping company was based there, and from 1736 there was a school for poor children. In the last quarter of the 20th century, the Zijlpoort was renovated twice on a large scale. During the last renovation, in the 1990s, supporting constructions were put up on both sides of the gate. Since 1999, a catering shop has been established in one of them.

The photo is scanned from one of my photos taken in pre-digital photography days in the 1990s.

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  1. Buildings like this just take my breath away, knowing they have withstood time and man for so long. Thanks for the info on it, too.

  2. Bardzo ciekawy budynek ( brama) i miejsce gdzie stoi. Pozdrawiam.
    Very interesting building (gate) and the place where it stands. Yours.

  3. Beautiful photo Nick. It takes me back to my European holiday last year.

  4. I like historical places. This one is very lovely to see.

  5. Is there anyplace you haven't been? And how nice that you've been interested in photography for so long that you have a wonderful repertoire of photos!

  6. Lovely view and the canyon on the side tells it all ^_^ Thanks for joining Water World Wednesday

  7. oww wow! how pretty!
    and all things i didnt know about my own country....! :D (but i never lived in this city.....)

  8. a really pretty scene
    the reflections are lovely
    the building is magnificent

  9. Fantastic capture from Leiden. Netherlands is a beautiful country.


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