Thursday, 14 June 2012


The Swan River estuary flows through the city of Perth, in the south west of Western Australia. Its lower reaches are relatively wide and deep, with few constrictions, while the upper reaches are usually quite narrow and shallow. The Swan River drains the Avon and coastal plain catchments, which have a total area of about 121,000 km2. It has three major tributaries, the Avon River, Canning River and Helena River. The latter two have dams (Canning Dam and Mundaring Weir) which provide a sizeable part of the potable water requirements for Perth and the regions surrounding. The Avon River contributes the majority of the freshwater flow. The climate of the catchment is Mediterranean, with mild wet winters, hot dry summers, and the associated highly seasonal rainfall and flow regime.

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  1. Lubie patrzeć jak rzeka wpada do morza. Widoki są wspaniałe. Pozdrawiam.
    I like to look like a river flows into the sea. The views are magnificent. Yours.

  2. Beautiful photos and I like the second one. The golden hues reflected on the house is awesome! Thanks for joining Water World Wednesday kindly email me mkhkiss(at)aol(dot)com for information on your winning ^_^


  3. my kind of place. :) Love it and thanks for sharing. :)

    NF Memes :)


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