Thursday, 24 May 2012


"Meet me under the clocks at Flinders St Station..." is a well-known Melbourne catch-cry. The central railway station at Flinders St has always been a popular meeting place and the row of clocks in the façade is another Melbourne institution.

This post is part of Pat's Things in a Row meme.


  1. Cool shot! I like the clocks in the background, and all the people going about their business. "Meet me under the clocks at Flinders St. Station" might not be an easy feat by the looks of all those people!

  2. Hi Nick ~~ I like your clock find for Things in a Row. This is a neat picture, lots of busy people coming out. Many seem to be stopped, looking at something.

    And I see more clocks to the right. Neat!

  3. Old train station buildings usually are so grand!

  4. One might still have to do a little looking upon arrival at the clocks, there are a lot of them. Great things in a row!

  5. Hi,
    I love your picture of under the clocks. I'm writing a blog about Flinders Street Station and would love to use it as an illustration.
    Could you contact me and let me know if that would be o.k.


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