Sunday, 27 May 2012


The Lady Chapel within St Francis' Church is a most beautiful and sacred place. In 2000 Mulholland Restorations were commissioned by the community of the Blessed Sacrament Fathers to restore the chapel paint work.  Starting from its original highly decorated scheme, the chapel had undergone a number of changes and abbreviations since it opened in 1858. Over varnishing and water entry had also had a negative effect and the interior was quite smoke stained. 

A decision was made to restore the chapel to its full original painted design. Works proceeded to remove all extraneous matter and coatings to regain the ‘lost design’. The walls were consolidated and the repainting works advanced. Paint scrapes revealed what was added and what was missing and allowed the company to undertake the redecoration of the most beautiful chapel in Melbourne.

This post is part of Robert's and Louis' Psalm Sunday meme,
and also part of Charlotte's Spiritual Sunday meme.

And here is the concluding chorus of Mendelssohn's setting of Psalm 42, op 42.


  1. It is absolutely beautiful. The reflections give it such a golden glow. I must put it on my list of places to see when I visit Melbourne in October.

  2. That is beautiful indeed. Wish I could stand there in person...perhaps one day I shall. Thank you for sharing this lovely place with us.

  3. The colours are amazing indeed ! Thank you for this much hope filled picture very much.

    Please have a good new week ahead.

  4. It is good when money can be found for such beautiful restorations.
    Thanks also for the uplifting music.


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