Saturday, 3 March 2012


Located at the eastern end of Esplanadi in Helsinki, Finland, this spacious square was named Market Square (Kauppatori) because of the market it has hosted since its creation. The square itself is bordered by the harbour to the south and the City Hall to the north. The red Orthodox church dominates the view to the east.

This charming outdoor market just near the harbour is an excellent place to find fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and baked goods offered for sale by the friendly Finns. Smoked herring is one of the many favorites. At the edge of the market at the harbor you will find the ferries (Nordic Jet Line) which will sail you to the Estonian capital of Tallinn. The fish market where the fresh was sold right next to the sea was a wonderful experience and the fish on sale delectable!

This post is part of the Weekend reflections meme.


  1. Wonderful captures! I love the watery reflections! The last shot is delightful with the birds, water and the boat! Another great post, Nick! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Smoked herring...yum...or smoked eel?
    And you got a reflection too!

  3. Great shots! I don't think I'll ever go there but I think I'd enjoy it if I did.

  4. Nice photos you got there. Hope you got some fish before that bird got too close. I have never bought anything from Kauppatori, despite living nearby for 40 years!


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