Monday 8 January 2018


We have had the hottest day in two years this Summer with the temperature climbing to 42˚C, last Saturday. Thankfully a cool change came the very same evening and Sunday was cool and more comfortable. I dread to think what February will bring, which is usually our hottest month. In any case, Summer brings many good things with it and the mosaic below shows some of them.

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  1. I can't imagine being somewhere that is as hot at that, I like warm but not that warm!
    Lovely to see signs of summer, so much to enjoy.
    Happy New Year from Normandy!

  2. Yellow sunshine for this winter day. Happy 2018!

  3. Gorgeous mosaic - deep greens and pops of yellow.

  4. Nick, That is HOT! Love your photos. Sylvia D

  5. Ouch - to stay inside is probably cooler! Is it common for Australians to have airconditioning in their houses? Hope so, for where you live. From the signs of summer, it looks like you like "bugs." For the first time I know what that looks like in day life. The smallest grand loves them (and it's a she!).
    Don't know all the goodies you had, except for Pannetone (gift from a neighbor) - there probably would be mince meat pies, but they're not that common to see in stores.
    MANY THANKS for all the links to the impressionist's Australian art!! Will have a field day this week visiting the posts:)

  6. I like warm, but right now I am still enjoying our winter sports! Lovely mosaic!


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