Thursday, 2 March 2017


Salvia sinaloensis ‘Aztec Blue’ in the family Lamiaceae is a native of Mexico and originates in the country's province of Sinaloa. It is a delightful little plant which will grow and spread slowly via underground runners to form an attractive ground cover which is non-invasive.

The exceptional flower colour of this variety of salvia needs to be seen to be believed. The intense and vibrant blue is as close to a true blue that you will ever find in the plant kingdom. Its charm does not end there, however, as the foliage too offers ornamental value to the garden designer. As young leaves emerge they a delightful plum colour slowly changing to an olive green as they age but always retaining a bronze tinge providing the plant is in full sun. When planted in light shade greener foliage results.

For best results, flowering and foliage colour, choose a sunny site in free draining soil. A herbaceous perennial in cooler climates but generally foliage will remain year round and can be trimmed by half during winter months. An application of slow release fertiliser in spring is recommended. Removing spent flower stems will encourage further flowering.

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