Sunday, 4 September 2016


The German Shepherd (German: Deutscher Schäferhund) is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. The breed's officially recognized name is German Shepherd Dog in the English language, sometimes abbreviated as GSD and was also formerly known as the Alsatian in Britain. The German Shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog, with their origin dating to 1899.

As part of the Herding Group, German Shepherds are working dogs developed originally for herding sheep. Since that time, however, because of their strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience, German Shepherds around the world are often the preferred breed for many types of work, including disability assistance, search-and-rescue, police and military roles, and even acting. The German Shepherd is the second-most popular breed of dog in the United States and fourth-most popular in the United Kingdom.

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  1. Hello Nick, the German Shepherds are beautiful dogs. I want one! Great shots.
    Thanks you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy new week ahead!

  2. Gorgeous photos, they are so beautiful

    Thank you for linking up

  3. These look like fine dogs. I have always liked the ones I have known. Fine dog portraits.

  4. Such beautiful dogs these are. My favorite dog ever was my shepherd, and these shots make me wish for her back.


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