Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Leonidio (Greek: Λεωνίδιο) is a town and a former municipality in Arcadia, Peloponnese, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality South Kynouria, of which it is a municipal unit. It is considered a traditional settlement.

The town of Leonidio, with a population of 3.826, emerges from a spectacular landscape, bound by two abrupt mountainsides enclosing the town from the north and south. The River Dafnon passes through the town, and it is crossed by three bridges. The town is capital of the Tsakonia region, notable for its cultural and linguistic particularities, and the settlement itself offers striking and picturesque architecture. It is now a protected architectural site and there are very strict regulations for building within the town limits.

The convent of the Virgin of Elone is built on a craggy cliff near Leonidio and the first church there dates from the 1300s. The present convent is built on the ruins of the first church and dates from 1809.

Plaka is the picturesque port of Leonidio, situated 4 km east of the town. It is sustained mainly with the help of tourism, but a small fishing fleet is also based there. There is a beach and the port has a number of taverns and bars immediately adjacent to the sea. Every August the "Tsakonian Eggplant Festival" is hosted here, attracting well-known chefs from across Europe and achieving ever-growing popularity.

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  1. The craggy cliff is spectacular, would LOVE to visit.

  2. $$$....gotta save up to go here someday. Wowza!

  3. Great shots.
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  4. Hello, wonderful scenes and photos. Greece is beautiful. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  5. I've been there, Nick. My dad is from nearby Astros.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Greece is on my places to visit list.

  7. Looks wonderful and inviting Nick... I would love to be there for a little while, relax and shoot lots of photos

    Have a nice ABC-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-team)

  8. I am fascinated by the big house in the side of a mountain. How did they get building material up there?



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