Sunday 14 December 2014


The Church of the Resurrection of Christ Saviour is a landmark historical building in the Northern Greek city of Veroia. The church began to be built in the late 13th/early 14th century by Xenos Psalidas, and upon his death was completed by his wife, Euphrosyne. The deed of ownership of the church was transferred to the monk Ignatios Kalothetos by imperial decree of Andronicus II in February 1314.

In 1314/1315 the church was decorated with frescoes by Georgios Kallergis. Internally the frescoes on the wall are divided into three zones: The lowermost shows full-bodied depictions of the saints; in the middle narrower zone there are busts of evangelists, saints and prophets; and in the upper zone there are biblical scenes.

Pride of place are given depictions of the Crucifixion of Christ and of His Resurrection, found in the northern and southern apses. Also of interest is the portrait of the monk Ignatios Kalothetos who is praying to Saint Arsenios.

The church also has frescoes from 1326 and 1355 depicting local nobles such as Maria Synodené on her death bed. There are some frescoes from 1727 on the Northern external aspect, which also include votive inscriptions of local inhabitants. It is perhaps unfortunate that the frescoes are not well preserved, but one gains a powerful impression of how splendid this small church must have been in its heyday.

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  1. i know i say this every week. but you continue to find more gorgeous & more amazing beauties ... wow wee!! i love the murals. thanks, for sharing. ( :

  2. Such a cute church! I hope these frescoes will get restored.

  3. This church has weathered time so beautifully. The frescoes are fascinating.


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