Thursday, 31 January 2013


Begonia is a genus in the flowering plant family Begoniaceae and is a perennial. The only other members of the family Begoniaceae are Hillebrandia, a genus with a single species in the Hawaiian Islands, and the genus Symbegonia which more recently was included in Begonia. "Begonia" is the common name as well as the generic name for all members of the genus. The genus name, coined by Charles Plumier, a French patron of botany, honors Michel Bégon, a former governor of the French colony of Haiti. It was adopted by Carl Linnaeus. As a member of the order Curcurbitales, begonias are related to such food crops as pumpkins / squash, gourds, cucumbers, and melons.

Begonia X hybrida "Dragon Wings" is a heat-tolerant and vigorous, hardy perennial begonia suitable for a wide range of garden situations. It has a glorious pendulous habit with arching branches bearing a proliferation of bright red blooms in spring and summer. The foliage is lush and glossy green.

This post is part of the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


  1. Love that you included info on the origin of its name. 'Dragon Wing' would be fun and easy to remember. Gorgeous red!

  2. Begonia grow quite well in our summer garden in Toronto, excellent shade plant.
    Great picture and information!!

  3. Very pretty. The begonia for sale here mostly have double flowers.

  4. Vibrant, rich blooms here, which add an uplifting colourful display to any garden.


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