Monday, 7 January 2013


One of the joys of Summer is the huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at our local greengrocer. We are very lucky in Australia, being blessed with a climate ranging from the cool temperate right through to the tropical, so that there are always wonderfully fresh fruits and vegies available throughout the year. Here are some of the fruits that were on sale last weekend.

This post is part of the Mandarin Orange Monday meme,
and also part of the Mellow Yellow Monday meme
and also part of the Ruby Tuesday meme.
Juicy oranges for the breakfast fresh orange juice
Exotic dragonfruit - a little bland, but quite stunning looking both outside and inside
Luscious, ripe mangoes
Passionfruit, just perfect for those tasty pavlovas!
Deliciously fragrant pineapples, perfect for summer
Nutritious and healthful bananas
Delicately flavoured peaches, ripe and juicy
Apricots, an easy to eat golden fruit


  1. We are so lucky to have these beautiful fruits in our country! My favourite here is the pineapple!

    Also, I noticed that you linked to Mellow Yellow Monday. It now no longer exists. I am running Monday Mellow Yellows
    The first post + linky is available now!

  2. I love every single photo. Wow they are awesome!!

    Happy evening to you!:-)


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