Thursday, 8 November 2012


In 1976 the State of Victoria in Australia became known as the "Garden State". It was suggested then that our state should be the perfect site for a public Rose Garden, given also that our climate was favourable. In 1980 approval was given. In 1986 the garden was finally opened. In 1993 after a public appeal, the supporters group was formed to help maintain the garden even though the Garden is part of Parks Victoria. All of the work pertaining to the Roses is done by Volunteers.

This is the largest Public Rose Garden in Australia and the only non-European garden to receive a Garden Of Excellence Award from the World Federation of Rose Societies. The Garden is spread over 4.75 hectares and contains 6000 rose bushes of all types. 120 Volunteers work on average 7000 hrs per year to keep the roses blooming for the visitors' enjoyment.

The roses are grouped into 4 sections. The earliest, opened in 1986, is in the shape of a Tudor rose with 5 petals. It contains 252 different roses from all over the world. The Australian Federation Leaf contains 60 different Australian bred roses introduced in the 19th century. It was opened in 2000. The Heritage border, along two sides of the garden, contains 250 types of old and species roses. It was opened in 2000. The David Austin Bud, opened in 2001, contains 48 roses from this British rose breeder.

Last Sunday we had some glorious Spring weather and we decided to visit the Rose Garden as the roses are at their best now. The photos below are proof enough that our visit was most enjoyable!

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  1. OMG, that is an amazing and awesome rose garden, very wide and intensive. I can't imagine the care and maintenance given to them. I love most those tree roses. My sister in NZ posted some rose garden there, and i thought that is already wonderful, until i see this.

  2. Wow - all these shots are stunning!

  3. What an amazing garden. The blooms are gorgeous.

    Red Gumamela

  4. Wow, what an amazing garden. The roses are gorgeous!


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