Wednesday 28 November 2012


Loutraki (Meaning "Little Baths" in Greek) is a seaside resort on the Gulf of Corinth, in Corinthia, Greece. It is located 65 km west of Athens and 6 km northeast of Corinth. Loutraki is the seat of the municipality Loutraki-Agioi Theodoroi. The town is well known for its vast natural springs and its therapeutic spas, as well as its beaches and resorts.

In antiquity a town called Thermae ("Hot Springs") existed at the site. In 1847, an announcement in Italy asserting the therapeutic benefits of bathing in the natural thermal spas found in Loutraki caused an influx of settlers in the surrounding areas, thereby creating modern Loutraki. In 1928 Loutraki was completely destroyed by an earthquake and was subsequently rebuilt. A large park was created by reclaiming sea area using the rubble of the fallen houses. Another strong earthquake hit the area in 1981 with less destructive effects.

A monastery named Osios Patapios is located about 10 km NW of Loutraki on Geraneia mountain, offering great view of the Isthmus area and the Gulf of Corinth.

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  1. wonderful pics! such a beautiful place! :)

  2. Those beaches look awfully warm and inviting right about now!

  3. Beautiful place and wonderful clear water!

  4. Oh my gush this place is gorgeous!

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