Monday 23 July 2012


The Yerrakartarta ceramic mural was constructed between 1993 - 1994  and is located in the Lower Forecourt, Intercontinental Hotel, North Tce in Adelaide City. The word ‘Yerrakartarta’ is an indigenous Kaurna word meaning 'at random' or 'without design'.

This work reflects the seemingly random order of the natural world and consists of various sculptural elements set within the pavement and surrounding walls. The work incorporates fossil-like animal forms, representing the history of the land and includes a large ceramic mural about the Tjillbruke Dreaming story.

The work is also a celebration of the ongoing and contemporary nature of Aboriginal art. At the time of its installation the project was the largest public commission of Aboriginal artwork to be designed and directed by an Aboriginal artist, Darryl Pfitzner Milika, with assistance from several other artists including Muriel Van Der Byl, Stephen Bowers, Jo Crawford and Jo Fraser.

The labels read: 1) Kaurna Yerta Natta atto Nanga Bukki Nakki. This artwork is a tribute to the Kaurna people who are and have been part of this country since time immemorial understanding and observing the immutable laws that bind us all.
2) These works tell a story built upon other stories most notably that of Tjilbruke, a kaurna ancestor. The name Yerrakartarta means 'without design' or 'at random'. Yerrakartarta, How far do we isolate and unravel and what is measured?

This post is part of the Monday Murals meme.


  1. Theses murals are a beaut. Great capture with photos also.

  2. Oh, Nick! These are just beautiful! I love the use of ceramic in the mural and the colors are so vibrant. It is also wonderful that the city has chosen to honor the art of the people this way it is a lovely setting! Thank you for the detailed photos and the explanation.

  3. such vibrant colours! and I like the tactileness of the mural.

  4. Fascinating, A gorgeous public space, and then to take aboriginal art and turn it into ceramic, what an amazingly out of the box, novel concept. Really do love this.

  5. These murals are so beautiful. Very creatively done. Fantastic shots.

  6. Nick, this is fascinating on so many levels. I really resonate to the prehistoric roots of all the pieces in this installation. Honoring the native culture draws the viewer even further into the spirit of the art. Thank you for participating in this week's Monday Mural.

  7. The ceramic artistry on these murals is stunning. Hard to view it as 'without design' or 'at random' though. The creative output here looks very organized. Beautiful.


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