Sunday, 28 March 2021


Welcome to the meme, "My Sunday Best", which is a photographic and creative meme that allows you to showcase your talents in imaging.

Every Sunday, you can post here showing an image you have created using your camera, (and/or) image processing software, and/or painting and drawing in the conventional way and have scanned in.

The rules are simple:
1) Create your image and post it up on your blog;
2) Put the "My Sunday Best" logo image link somewhere on your post so people can click and come by here;
3) Leave a comment here once you have posted;
4) Visit other posters' blogs and be amazed with their creativity!

Please do not use this meme to advertise your goods or services. This is a creative meme and any inappropriate links or comments shall be removed immediately.

The theme is of your own choosing, so post on any subject you desire.
Pyracantha coccinea

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Last week, Taken for Granted from the USA posted a photo that demonstrated pareidolia very nicely! 


  1. Lovely red berries. I understand they are edible, and make a good berry preserves. Or they can be left for the birds that enjoy them also. Thank you for featuring my photo from last week, and for introducing me to the word Pareidolia. My photo is a perfect example. This ability to see patterns is a uniquely human skill, and accounts for many of our stories and myths.

  2. Congrats to Taken for Granted with this unusual capture! to Nick, I alwsys look forward to Fall and Winter because I get to see these berries:) Thanks for hosting, Jesh


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