Thursday, 2 June 2016


Penstemon is a genus of plants found mainly in the Americas from Alaska to Guatemala, the 250 species of perennials and subshrubs in this genus range from tiny carpeting plants to rapid growers that can exceed 1.2 m tall. They have recently been reclassified and from the Scrophulariaceae family, they are now in the Plantaginaceae family.

In recent years many new garden varieties have become available, generally with increased hardiness and increased flower production. In favourable conditions, these are reliable plants, suitable for border planting, rock gardens, woodland gardens, and "wild" gardens. The pretty flowers resemble those of the foxgloves (Digitalis), and, indeed, they belong to the related family Scrophulariaceae. Native Americans used several species, primarily for their analgesic and styptic properties but also to control stomach disorders.

Shown here is penstemon ‘Osprey’ AGM. A large variety with flowers of white to blush-pink, the lips and margins of the petals flushed deep pink red. Free-flowering and very hardy. 45-60cm.

This post is part of the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


  1. Hello, I love these pretty blooms and their beautiful colors! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  2. Beautiful flower and I learned something new in your text about it!

  3. My favorite flower. Did you see my post on Penstemons? This one is new to me, but I recognize the variety.


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