Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Tuberous begonias (Begonia × tuberhybrida Voss) are a group of Begonia cultivars, regarded as some of the most spectacular of the genus. One of the first hybrids produced was B. x sedenii in 1870, a cross between B. boliviensis, collected by botanist Richard Pearce and a species from the Andes. Another species from Peru, B.davisii (named after Walter Davis), was also used in early breeding. The nomenclature of these begonia hybrids is variable and sometimes confusing.

Tuberous begonias grow best in partial shade or filtered sunlight. Excessive exposure to sunlight can result in burnt flowers and leaves. However, too much shade will result in lush foliage and few flowers. They can give rise spectacular displays of large, showy clusters of flowers and they can be very rewarding to grow.

This post is part of the Nature Footsteps Floral Macros meme,
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  1. Lovely red color on it, great pictures you have taken.
    Have a nice week:-)

  2. Awesome macro. I love begonias.

  3. love hat macro shot. The center looks like candy. :) Great shot.


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