Thursday, 16 January 2014


Browallia is a genus of Solanaceae family. It is named after Johannes Browallius (1707–1755), also known as Johan Browall, a Swedish botanist, physician and bishop. Browallia speciosa ('Blue Troll') is a blue-violet tender perennial usually grown as an annual flowering plant also called the 'Amethyst Flower' or 'Bush Violet'. It is much used as a garden ornamental. It is is native to tropical South America.

It performs well in consistently moist, well-drained, humus-rich soils in sun to shade. In hot Summer areas, plants are best sited in sun dappled conditions, bright shade or afternoon shade. Do not allow soils to dry out. Sow seed indoors 8-10 weeks before last Spring frost date or purchase Spring starter plants in six packs from nurseries. Pinch plants back to encourage branching. Prior to first Autumn frost, some plants may be cut back, planted in small containers and brought indoors for winter flowering.

No serious insect or disease problems. Aphids, leafhoppers and whiteflies may appear. It can be grown in containers, hanging baskets, planted en masse or in large groups in beds, borders and woodland gardens. Houseplant for bright, warm locations in winter.

This post is part of the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


  1. You lucky thing. I only see that in florist shops.
    BTW, Nick, do you ever stop by any of the people who work so hard to make nice posts for your meme?
    I'm beginning to feel very lonely.


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