Friday 23 April 2021


Kangaroo paw is a common name for a number of species, in two genera of the family Haemodoraceae, that are endemic to the south-west of Western Australia. These perennial plants are noted for their unique bird attracting flowers. The tubular flowers are coated with dense hairs and open at the apex with six claw-like structures: from this paw formation the common name "Kangaroo Paw" is derived.

Anigozanthos pulcherrimus Hook. (Yellow Kangaroo Paw). This species flowers in late spring through to early summer with golden yellow flowers on stems to 1.2 metres and is found naturally on the sand plains between Perth and Geraldton. All of the Kangaroo Paw species, especially some newly developed hybrid varieties are very colourful and bird attracting small plant for mixed plantings or in a container for patio and deck display.

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