Monday, 2 April 2018


We've had some welcome rain lately after a long rather dry spell and it's been a timely reminder of how vulnerable we are to climatic changes. Human beings have altered the earth's surface, its atmosphere, the oceans, the soil, and these worldwide activities are taking their toll on our fragile ecosystem. Can we act in a timely manner to avert global environmental disaster? Time will tell...

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  1. Great mosaic. Love the curvy lines.

  2. Beautiful photos is the most interesting mosaic! Well done!

  3. Nicely done! That's an unusual mosaic that works well with your photos.

  4. Beautiful, I like the layers starting in the sky and following the rain as it falls on the earth below.

  5. Very very clever piece


  6. love the movement of the swirls! and on the thumbnail I did not even see it was a collage:) You're getting very good at this, Blog Friend! Thank you much for sharing it with All Seasons! Enjoy your week!


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