Monday, 13 November 2017


We live close to the Darebin Parklands in suburban Melbourne and it's wonderful to be able to enjoy the bush only a 10-minute walk away. Spring means warm weather, new growth, baby animals and lots of chicks for the wild birds of the reserve...

This post is part of the Mosaic Monday meme,
and also part of the Seasons meme,
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  1. How lucky you are to be so close to all this natural beauty!

  2. What awesome images, Nick! I love all the stages of the aquatic life.

  3. Great colors and shining water!

  4. Beautiful scenes of Spring and new families beginning, really like the photo placement on this mosaic. Aren't you lucky have such a lovely nature reserve so close by.

  5. This lovely collage for All Seasons makes me want to go to the park, and I would, except I haven't discovered a "real" park in this area. They hardly landscape here in comparison to Southern California, where there is at least one park in every suburb.

  6. New life - always a reason for celebration!


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