Monday, 5 October 2015


We often visit nurseries around town as we are keen gardeners and it's always pleasant to see what is available in new plant varieties, as well as buy some perennial favourites. In the last few years, plant nurseries have been increasing their stock of non-plant merchandise, away from the traditional pots, planters and garden supplies towards the home decoration side of things. One may find all sorts of objects, some artistic, others high kitsch, some appealing others ghastly, some desirable others quite not so...

You may of course the objet d'art or garden ornament you've always wanted in such establishments. Or if you're like me, you'll enjoy looking at the plants and end up buying several trays of seedlings, a pot-plant or two and even maybe some fertiliser (organic!).

This post is part of the Monday Mellow Yellows meme,
and also part of the Blue Monday meme,
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  1. Hi Nick,

    Oh, you've discovered a terrific place full of BLUES! You sure found a unique blue today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  2. I really do enjoy a stroll through nurseries...but it's dangerous as I always must come home with something! I have a black thumb so my purchases don't last long but I enjoy them while I can! Happy Blue Monday. Your panda under the umbrella is adorable!

  3. I love those yellows making the blues look so bright! Love strolling through a nursery. what a delight. Thanks for sharing.


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