Wednesday, 20 May 2015


On February 20, 2007, tens of thousands of people packed Sydney Harbour's foreshore to witness a historic reunion of two queens of the sea. The Queen Elizabeth 2 and the Queen Mary 2 greeted each other with the sound of their whistles as the QE2 sailed past her sister ship docked at the Garden Island navy base.

The Queen Mary 2, one of the world's largest passenger cruise liners, majestically sailed through the harbour shortly before dawn, followed by a flotilla of boats and watched by thousands onshore. Too tall, at 23 storeys high, to sail under the Harbour Bridge and too long to berth at the International Terminal at Circular Quay, the $1 billion grand lady of the sea, on her maiden visit to Sydney, docked at the naval base.

In the evening, her sister ship, the QE2, was also welcomed by large crowds as she sailed through the harbour to dock at Circular Quay. As she passed near Garden Island, the QE2 sounded its whistles, prompting a similar response from her big sister and rapturous applause and cheers from those watching on the foreshore. It was a sight not seen in Sydney since the two ships' predecessors - the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth - greeted each other in the harbour as troop carriers in 1941.

The 345-metre-long QM2 weighs in at 151,400 tonnes and caters for up to 3090 passengers with the help of 1253 crew.

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  1. Fantastic views! It's hard to believe ships that huge can float!

  2. I well remember sailing into Sydney harbour during WWII, anchoring right next to the famous bridge. No opera house then...

  3. Your lovely photos show so well the immense size of these vessels.

  4. Neat photography - I appreciate you sharing at

  5. Wow what astounding photos, make me wonder how that huge ship navigates through all the smaller boats!!!
    Would love if you would come and share

  6. Hi Nick, i 2nd Mersad, what a glorious sight. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge got so small because of the boat's size. But where are you standing on when you took the shots?

  7. Ships ahoy! Yes, a glorious sight indeed...


  8. That is one seriously big boat



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