Monday, 4 May 2015


Oxalis exilis (Creeping Oxalis), is a small New Zealand native perennial weed which has tiny clover to heart shaped leaves, that form roots wherever the stems touch the ground and grows from stolons (creeping stems). Creeping oxalis is a common weed of lawns and because the stems creep under lawn runners of buffalo, kikuyu and couch, it is hard to eradicate. Seeds are spread by movement of soil and water and lawn mowers. It is typically much smaller than any of the other oxalis species found in New Zealand, and is one of the best adapted oxalis species for surviving constant defoliation within turf.

It has tiny (4-6 mm) yellow flowers which are fairly simple in structure with petals radiating out. Their bright yellow colour makes the plant obvious at those times of the year when it is flowering. Creeping oxalis appears to tolerate a wide range of growing conditions. It is typically found in fairly dry, low fertility, open swards. Creeping oxalis has trifoliate leaves (i.e. each leaf has three leaflets), and each leaflet is typically 5-10 mm across.

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