Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Burgundy Iceberg is a beautiful, eye-catching rose worth planting en masse. Abundant velvety, generally wine-red flowers with a very delicate fragrance cover the plant. The colours often vary, from wine red to pink, and there is always a pinch of white in the heart of the open rose, with dark filaments in the centre. The petals have a light, almost pale back. A gardening book that discusses bestsellers and favourites would be incomplete if it did not include the iconic Iceberg rose. Introduced way back in 1958, this white floribunda rose has been sold by the millions around the world and it is still going strong.

This lovely rose that flowers so willingly, producing pointy rosebuds and large open flowers cannot be resisted. They are planted in formal rose gardens, in pots, between other flowering shrubs in mixed beds, and with lavenders in the popular Tuscan style. They are even planted as security hedges, because, planted as close together as 1,5 m or even closer, they make quite a formidable barrier.

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  1. What a beautiful color ;)

  2. Love the rose; It is way too early for roses where I live.

  3. The colour is fantastic! Great shots.

  4. Stunning roses. So elegant color.


  5. I love the white at the throat of the blossoms!!

  6. Gorgeous. I love the colour.

  7. love the rich deep red color of this flower. :)


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