Tuesday 22 October 2013


Nemesia is a genus of annuals, perennials and sub-shrubs which are native to sandy coasts or disturbed ground in South Africa. Numerous hybrids have been selected, and the annual cultivars are popular with gardeners as bedding plants. In temperate regions the annual cultivars are usually treated as half-hardy bedding plants, sown from seed in heat and planted out after all danger of frost has passed.The flowers are two-lipped, with the upper lip consisting of four lobes and the lower lip two lobes.

This cultivar of Nemesia "Sunsatia Cherry On Ice" has masses of long lasting flowers of striking colour. It is excellent for summer containers, either solo, or for fringe planting to complement other summer basket and container plants. It prefers full sun, or partial shade with free-draining soil or compost.

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