Monday 7 October 2013


Council have been busy in the parklands, clearing some damaged trees before the fire season. The logs looked good for some serious orangification!

This post is part of Monday Mellow Yellows meme,
and also part of the Mandarin Orange Monday meme,


  1. These are WOW images!! I like the tiny accents of orange in the first..and the heightened line and colour of the the others. Great editing! Hard to choose a favourite... Thanks for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday #62.

  2. I like your term organification :))
    Did you add the color in the first shot or do they look like that? what kind of tree is it? The photos are interesting with the added tinting and the limbs look ready for a nice outdoor fire!

  3. oops! spelled that wrong- orangification

  4. Hello Jane, the logs are from "gum trees" - Australian Eucalyptus trees. They really do have an intense orange cut surface like in the first photo.


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