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Nitmiluk National Park is in the Northern Territory of Australia, 244 km southeast of Darwin, around a series of gorges on the Katherine River and Edith Falls. Previously named Katherine Gorge National Park, its northern edge borders Kakadu National Park. The gorges and the surrounding landscape have great ceremonial significance to the local Jawoyn people, who are custodians of Nitmiluk National Park. In Jawoyn, Nitmiluk means "place of the cicada dreaming".

Katherine Gorge, a deep gorge carved through ancient sandstone by the Katherine River, is the central attraction of the park. Katherine Gorge is made up of thirteen gorges, with rapids and falls, and follow the Katherine River, which begins in Kakadu. During the Dry Season, roughly from April to October, the Katherine Gorge waters are placid in most spots and ideal for swimming and canoeing. There may be freshwater crocodiles in most parts of the river, as they nest along the banks, but they are harmless to humans. Saltwater crocodiles regularly enter the river during the wet season, when the water levels are very high, and are subsequently removed and returned to the lower levels at the onset of the dry season. Thus, swimming in the Wet Season is prohibited, as crocodiles don't respond to swimmers' questioning them if they are fresh or saltwater ones. Cruises of various lengths go as far as the fifth gorge.

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Katherine Gorge
I think you'll agree Katherine Gorge is "gorge-ous" :-)
One of the flat bottomed cruise boats on the Katherine River

Freshwater Crocodiles are widely distributed along the river year-round. During the Wet Season, rises in water levels may allow Saltwater Crocodiles to enter the gorge, where they are caught and relocated to lower levels when the dry season begins. Birds that can be seen include Ospreys, Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, Great Bowerbirds, White-gaped Honeyeaters and Red-winged Parrots. Part of the Yinberrie Hills Important Bird Area, identified as such by BirdLife International because of its importance for endangered Gouldian Finches, lies in the park

We visited in March 2002 during the Dry Season and this is a freshwater crocodile

The town of Katherine, located in Northern Territory, Australia. It is situated 320 kilometres southeast of Darwin in the "Top End" of Australia. It is the fourth largest settlement in the Territory after the capital Darwin, Palmerston and Alice Springs. Katherine had an urban population of 5,849 on the 2006 Census night. Set in promising grazing and future agricultural country, the town's main economic source has often been gold, but this has lessened after the closing of the mine at Mount Todd. There is increasing tourism and the RAAF Base Tindal 17 km southeast of town is also contributing to the economy. The town has several churches, sporting clubs, parks, a well-kept golf course, and a showground
Katherine main street
Katherine main street
Heading towards Adelaide River, one encounters this local Pub, the Adelaide River Inn. The Inn welcomes locals, visitors and travellers alike. The Inn, The Pub or "303 Bar" as it has synonymously become known, forms a large part of the Adelaide River Resort Complex. Situated directly behind the BP Service Station the Inn is surrounded by lush tropical gardens, shady trees and well manicured lawns. It is centrally located to many tourist attractions in and around Adelaide River Township and its surrounds
The 303 Bar is your typical Local Country Pub and is brimming with character and history.  On offer is decent range of the coldest tap and bottled beers around, some boutique beers, wines and spirits for your choosing. Although there is no cocktail list there are some cocktail and shooters available upon request (provided you ask nicely). At the bar you will find locals enjoying a quiet drink, memorabilia of every kind and on the walls you will find pictures and reminders of days gone by which forms part of Adelaide Rivers so very rich history
One local residing at the Bar who is not so talkative is "Charlie" the Buffalo. Charlie, made famous by Mick Dundee (Paul Hogan) whilst being hypnotised to the ground on the movie Crocodile Dundee passed away in 2000 and now stands proudly on the bar


  1. This is awesome. I am running out of adjectives.

    Please do keep it up. My sadness in not being able to visit Australia , is lessened.

    I will visit this page again and again and enjoy the pictures.



  2. I heared about Darwin a lot in the past, when my Aussie friend was still detailed there. Those rocks looks so already fragile, it's good that you don't have earthquakes as most of us have. My young niece already wants to live in Australia because it is not in the ring of fire! lol

  3. The top series is amazing. What a setting! Would love to explore the place.

    Btw, I've always (and only) use pocket cameras, hence no additional lens. I was that close to the rhinos. :-)

  4. Fabulous shots! I've been to The Gorge and Katherine. I think Edith Falls is one of the prettiest little places in the Northern Territory.

  5. Ekkkk a fresh water crocodile!!! And you did a Kayaking there? You must be brave fellas huh? ^_^ Charlie is huge in the Philippines that is one animal who help the farmers till the rice field. Awesome photos here thanks for sharing and joining Water World Wednesday do appreciate it.

  6. Quite the 'travel log' ~ awesome photos of a gorgeous place' ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  7. really great rocks. I love them. You caudl be there for a long tine exploring.


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