Tuesday 16 January 2024


CERES Community Environment Park is a 4.5-hectare (11-acre) not-for-profit environmental education centre and social enterprise hub located in urban Brunswick East, Victoria, Australia. Established in 1982 on a former rubbish dump, CERES Park operates on land owned by Merri-Bek City Council.

The CERES Park is one of four locations run by the governing body of CERES EARTH Ltd, trading as CERES. CERES is registered as a company limited by guarantee and is governed by a voluntary Board. It provides a range of programs and services including environmental education programs and workshops, an urban farm and community gardens, cafe, grocery, plant nursery and various other social enterprises. Its charitable purpose is "protecting and enhancing the natural environment, including by providing information and education to increase understanding of human impacts on the natural environment".

CERES is run by about 160 employees and many volunteers. CERES stands for "Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies", and is pronounced like the word "series." The name also connects with Ceres the goddess of agriculture in Roman mythology, as a large part of the Park is dedicated to urban farming.

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  1. The Ceres Community Park looks like a great place to explore. Love the mosaic tiles. Take care, have a great day!

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  2. This is a lovely place for a walk. You have a fine series of photos from here.

  3. The mosaic is a piece of art. The cottages look so cool.

  4. Wonderful part and great mosaic work you found there
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