Sunday 15 March 2020


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A few years ago we visited the island of Rhodes, Greece, and drove around the island. We visited the small town of Archangelos situated about 28 kilometers south of the town of Rhodes. It is an inland town, about two kilometers from the sea, on a small plateau amongst mountains and hills. It has about 5,500 permanent residents. The old town is located at the foot of the old castle on top of a prominent hill, with the modern part of town surrounding the old one. The medieval castle dominates the town and was built in 1320 AD by the Knights of the Order of St. John, on the ruins of the older Byzantine castle, parts of which have been incorporated in the construction.

The Holy Church of the Archangel Michael, which gives the town its name is worth a visit. Coming out of the church we encountered a beautiful little traditional house with a small front yard full of flowers. The front door was open and the interior was just visible. We were peering inside when a wizened little old lady of about 90 years came out and invited us in to see her house. It was just one room with an attached little kitchen. Her wedding bower was still decorated in its finery and perched in a large niche in the wall, accessible by steps. On the walls were hanging a couple of hundred colourful plates and old photographs. Traditional embroideries were festooning ledges, furniture and mantels.

She told us that she became a widow at 29 years of age and she had to raise her two children on her own – they now lived in Athens and occasionally came to visit her. She lived alone and took care of herself, although a neighbour popped in now and then. She still earned her living by gathering wild herbs from the mountainside, drying them and selling them in little plastic bags. We bought a few packets and thanked her for showing us her home. It was one of the highlights of our visit to Rhodes!

This post is also part of the Photo Sunday meme.

My fave photo this week is from Mia in Greece, taken in Dilesi, about 40 km north of Athens. Please visit her blog for more lovely photos!


  1. Nice story - a peek into another world!

  2. Thank you so much for choosing my photo as your favorite. You make me really happy.
    And I am so glad to see that you have visited my country, Greece. Rhodes is a lovely island.
    Hope one day I will visit Australia too. Hugs, my friend.


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