Tuesday, 31 October 2017


The Melbourne General Cemetery is a large (43 hectare) necropolis located 2 km north of the city of Melbourne in the suburb of Carlton North. The cemetery was established in 1852 and opened on 1st June 1853, and the Old Melbourne Cemetery (on the site of what is now the Queen Victoria Market) was closed the next year. The grounds feature several heritage buildings, many in bluestone, including a couple of chapels and a number of cast iron pavilions. The gatehouses are particularly notable, especially the one at the main gate, shown here. It is presently being used as offices for the cemetery staff.

The Melbourne Cemetery has much history and home to more than half a million stories. This cemetery is full of fiery preachers, con men, courageous women, scandals, disasters and joyous occasions. Musicians, actors, scientists and ordinary people who have helped make Melbourne the metropolis it is now. A miscellany of photos today of monuments, statues, mausolea and graves.

Indulge me my whim of colouring these shots with a "vintage" colour filter. It seemed to suit the subject matter and the Halloween atmosphere...

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  1. A fine looking cemetery, a perfect subject for Halloween. Perhaps some of those graves will open tonight allowing the residents to go out trick or treating.

  2. I love visiting old cemeteries. It's peaceful there, with a sense of history and of memories long forgotten.
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/10/seasonal-fun-at-duke-homestead-in.html

  3. i just visited my parents grave yesterday and i think it has the same melancholic feel about cemeteries be it photos or otherwise. great take this week as usual.


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