Monday, 28 August 2017


Dindymus versicolor, commonly called the harlequin bug, is a species of cotton stainer bug (red bug), found in south-eastern Australia and Tasmania. In North Central districts of Victoria it is sometimes colloquially known as the "Sex Beetle". An attractive insect, up to 12 mm long with a black head and bands on the fore-wing, and orange/red elsewhere. When the wings are folded, two red triangles appear. Legs are relatively long.

These sucking insects have a reputation as a pest in the garden, damaging a wide range of plants. They are known to damage a variety of crops and ornamentals. The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (Agriculture) report they attack cotton, pome fruits, stone fruits, fig, grape, kurrajong, strawberry, vegetables, wisteria, dahlia and violets. In winter they find shelter in dark shady places such as under compost, timber, hedges and fence palings.

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  1. Hello, what a neat and colorful insect. Great shot!

  2. Nice photo! I know this one. Makes nice holes...

  3. Destructive little critters...but very pretty! Nice shot.

  4. What do you know ...and abstract (design on back) bug:):) Am not doing much of gardening now, since deer, birds, squirrels, and neighbor even told me we have a fox living on our hill - like to eat or damage plants! Thank you for showing this artsy little bug for All Seasons!


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