Monday 26 June 2017


It's Winter here in Melbourne and red seems to be a colour that typifies the season for me this year. I hope you're enjoying the season wherever you may be.

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  1. Great collection of reds there Nick, love the pomegranates, wellies and warm knitted gloves.

  2. I love the color red and so enjoy your display!!

  3. Realize that reds make the winter a brighter place! And the library is a great idea for melting hot days - undisturbed work - except when I don't have to do required research with facing a deadline, haha. Thanking you from All Seasons, have an accomplished week:)

  4. I think they are perfect not my favorite color, but couldn't imagine a strawberry any other color.

  5. I find the gloves especially endearing for some reason. Thanks for linking to Ruby Tuesday Too.


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